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Peppertree Closet Systems

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Did you know that Peppertree Kitchen & Bath Designs Closet Systems?

















This Closet is Stained Walnut mixed with Gloss White Cabinets.

















We are trying to achieve a clean modern look with this closet design.

Much Thanks to Marie at Roth Distributing

This is an email my friend James (our Sub Zero / Wolf rep) sent to Marie at Roth Distributing. 


Last week I had the opportunity to go with Steve Norr to a client’s house in Farmington to see the finishing touches being put on their kitchen remodel.  The kitchen was absolutely beautiful.  Steve did a phenomenal job.  It was a great example of the quality I have come to expect from a  Peppertree kitchen.  As I talked to the home owners, Brian and Carolyn Guest, they were thrilled that the remodel was nearing the end and they were so pleased with the result.

The Guest’s started this whole process by going to Mountain Land to look at appliances.  During this initial visit they were referred to Steve at Peppertree.  After multiple meeting to go over designs Steve gave them the task to visit the Roth Concept Center in preparation for a meeting with Lori at Mountain Land to purchase appliances.  Marie, as you know they came into the showroom and you helped them make their appliance selections.  After talking to Carolyn for a few minutes I got the feeling that the two of you were old friends.  I think that just about everyone that meets you feels this way.  You have a gift that not many possess.  You had a great impact on her.  She also mentioned having attended the Ownership Experience Class where she was again impressed with you and with the appliances she would be purchasing.  She had a great time and would like to come again to learn even more about her new Convection Steam Oven and about the cooking modes in the ovens of her Dual Fuel Range.  They purchased a BI-36U/O, DF486G, CSO24 and a PL422212.  What a great kitchen!

The reason I am writing this email is to recognize you, along with Steve and Lori for a job well done.  We talk about providing our clients with an “experience” when we have a chance to interact with them.  In this case everyone certainly did.  I am sure that this is just one example of many, but I wanted to recognize everyone that worked with them.  This is a perfect example of working together as a team.  Just look at the result.  A perfectly satisfied client who had a great experience every step of the way.  Great job!

Much Thanks,