Our New Display at the Roth Living Showroom

Roth pic 1It was an honor to design this new display for the Roth Living Showroom. European did an amazing job on the Waterfall Granite we designed. The biggest design challenge was leaving enough room for the handicap powder room access, our solution was to have the wall built on a angle to give us enough space for a tall angled cabinet that will house the soon to be released Wolf Coffee Maker and Micro without cutting off the required access.

Roth pic 2I like to add floating shelves for a Modern look. The cabinets are our Textured Melamine with Horizontal Grain.  Peppertree takes great pride in making sure the grain matches up as you can see in this photo. I am proud to work with the amazing team we have at Peppertree!

Textured Melamine’s come in many color’s and offer a very consistent and durable finish.


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2 Responses to Our New Display at the Roth Living Showroom

  1. Mark says:

    Love this installation guys. You have created quite a modern look but the colour hues give it a warm and homely feel. The textured Melamine is a fantastic looking product. Do you know of any suppliers in Australia at all? Cheers, Mark

  2. Steve Norr says:

    Not sure on the availability in Australia? Thanks for your comment’s.

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